The NoShows Artisit and Music Collective presents: Making Spirits Brighter

The NoShows Artist and Music Collective is coming together again! Join us on December 8th, 2012 at 6:30pm. This years event “Making Spirits Brighter”, will bring together nine eclectic artists from the Lehigh Valley and Brooklyn to the Blue Sky Cafe in Bethlehem, PA where we plan to entrance you with an experience for all of your senses. From pottery, paintings, and embroidered jewelry to photography, illustrations, and mosaics this group of NoShows Artists will visually please you to your core. DJ Discrete will be spinning his records and Space Station Beyond will bring a melodic delight to your ears.  All the while Blue Sky Cafe will be providing light refreshments to quench your thirst and savoir your taste buds in celebration of their five year anniversary.  This year the NoShows group is donating 20% of their proceeds to Joshua Kehler’s Seva Project India to help fight human trafficing.  The NoShows Artist and Music Collective being die hard animal lovers has also teamed up with The Center for Animal Health and Welfare to collect kennel supply donations and provide information about the shelters adoptable animals.

The NoShows is a collective of artists and musicians who came together in 2007 with idea of having a community art show. The artist who showed their work and performed back in 2007 came together because of the large artistic community within Bethlehem, PA. Many of the artist had never shown their work to such a large and welcoming group prior to our first event.

Since 2007 the NoShows Collective has expanded and morphed into a well respected organization who hopes to use art to inspire and ignite the mind. We in the NoShows family would like to use our art to help bring awareness to local and global service projects or organizations in need.

We at the NoShows Collective feel art can unite a community and bring together like minded people as well break social barriers.

The Blue Sky Annex

Some of you may have wondered what exactly is going on in the space on New Street that tells you the Blue Sky Annex is coming soon.

Wait no more.

The Blue Sky Annex is a collaboration of 3 woman. Myself (Tabitha), Ashley Caldwell, and Beth Elliott. Through using the space at the Blue Sky Cafe for preparation, Ashley will be giving you gourmet sweet and savory crepes from “Full of Crepe” and Beth will be creating sumptuous cupcakes under “Sweet Love”.

It get’s better. The shop is takeout only. There are no seats and it is meant as a quick pick-up of something other than your typical fast-food joint. However, if you wish to sit for a meal, Blue Sky Cafe will have an exclusive menu of crepes that you may order at the cafe. And only at the cafe. AND – dessert? We have that covered in both locations with Sweet Love cupcakes.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it……